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That world is filled with hungry little social and digital monsters demanding new content to eat every day. We feel your pain! As soon as you feed one, another is chomping at the bit for more... and these monsters love video! To survive in digital, you need a steady supply of videos that entertain, inform, and most importantly, convert. So your video productions have to deliver on all of your digital platforms.


VIDEO IS NOT OPTIONAL.                

People, brands and companies need to stop thinking of video as just something fun for social media. Social Snacks knows you have to have video, and that means videos for social, videos for web and marketing, videos for sales funnels, videos for ads & paid search... for just about every aspect of your business. It’s why the Snack Team not only produces content but also delivers a strategy and helps weaponize your content to get ROI.




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Branded Custom Content

We believe one of the best ways to connect with your customers is through video. Nobody wants to be overtly sold to- they want to feel like you, the brand, is providing them with useful information and that the brand actually cares about them. We've worked with several national brands to integrate their products into fun lifestyle content that speaks directly to their customers.



If you're looking to include people talking in your videos, we're your people. Interviews are kind of our thing- we've done thousands of them. It's basically a super power. Interviews shouldn't just be boring "About Us" Scientology style videos- we want to tell your story. Interviews can be used to showcase you and your brand as experts in your field or to naturally integrate your product into a funny or emotional campaign. Cut down on the sales process time by guiding customers through your process funnel or frequently asked questions so you can spend more time actually working instead of answering the same questions over and over. 


Social Elements

Social media demands a variety of content- not just traditional photos and video but GIFs, Flatlays, Graphics, Cinamagraphs, Live video, and more. Just producing one or two videos from a single video shoot? How wasteful! We believe in using the content we create to create more content. In other words, when we plan a video shoot, we plan on getting as much out of that one shoot as possible. That coulee mean producing 15-20 topical videos from one interview. Or editing 4 versions of one video- one for YouTube, a shorter version for Facebook, a GIF for Instagram & Email Newsletters, and one made for Pinterest. And don't forget behind the scenes! 


Content strategy

Producing videos and social elements is all well and good, but if you don't have a strategy of how and where to use your videos then it's like tossing seeds on the ground and hoping you get a garden. We'll work with you on deciding what your audience wants to see in your video garden, then we'll sow the seeds of good video concepts, and finally help your videos grow your digital channels into big beautiful social communities. 


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