Eat Me Productions

Everyone is obsessed with food. Brunch is the go-to Sunday activity, Millennials are consuming avocados like there's no tomorrow, and recipe videos are the most popular content on the internet (behind cats, of course). If you're a food or liquor brand, video is the best way for you to connect with your consumers-create a video library of your recipes, teach a new technique, or show how to pair your liquor with different foods. You need to satisfy the hunger people have for videos, and that's where Social Snacks comes in. We create snackable video content to feed your hungry social beasts.


Social Videos For Timed-geotargetING ads

This project whips up a mixture of mouthwatering social media videos designed to geotarget consumers during key conversion times in the day.


Beverage Videos for Brand SOcial

Pairing Liquor With Cooking Recipe

Feature a liquor that drinks well while cooking and pairing with the recipe.

Pairing Wine With Cooking Recipe

Feature two different wines- pair one with the meal itself and another for the chef to enjoy while cooking.

Cocktail Recipes

Put your liquor brand front and center in a cocktail or mixed drink recipe video.

Food Videos For Brand Social


Feature your brand in a recipe. Turn all of the recipes on your website into easy to follow videos.


Use a host to walk viewers through a recipe or teach them a new culinary skill. 

Playing With Food For Brand

Stop Motion Animation

Add a touch of whimsy to your brand with stop motion animation.