Medical Center Video Package

Social Snacks has create a plan that allows you to bring videos to your patient “sales” process. This video plan allows you to showcase everything that makes your office shine while helping the patients sent your way have a great customer experience. A side-effect is a smoother ride for your own internal teams. 

Our Snack Plans are never about a “one and done” video production, but delivering a strategy-infused video production with efficient planning and skill to provide you with a library full of video content within an affordable budget. 

This “Snack Pack” give you a deep bench of consistent video content that not only fill your video needs but it also provides you with a strong strategy to raise your brand awareness, streamline a process with personal-feeling videos, and create trust and likability with potential patients.




Social Snacks Production:


This video package includes a one-day (8 hour) video production at a single location with 2-3 interview subjects. Each production will include a mixture of different types of footage. 


  • 2-3 Guided Interviews

  • "Real Estate" b-roll

    • In office b-roll of procedure rooms, lobby, labs, etc

  • Sample Procedures




A Surgery/Specialty Procedure

This add-on films a surgery or connects our camera equipment to lab equipment to record a procedure.

Additional Interviews

Add on additional people to be interviewed to the original production.

Drone OR 360º Footage

Social Snacks will film drone footage of your building or 360º footage of inside four (4) rooms in your office.


Social Snack Editing Package #1  (7 videos)


This video package includes three (3) videos- one (1) "About Us", one (1) "Real Estate", and one (1) Process/Procedure video.

  •  2 About Us videos

    • overview video about the team, the clinic, the doctors, etc.

  • 1 Real Estate video

    • virtual tour of the office and building

  • 4 Process/Procedure video

    • walk patients through the process of a visit or a procedure

Includes:closed caption/subtitles, royalty-free music, any graphics, and two rounds of complementary edits.

Social Snack Editing Package #2  (9 videos + 4 Custom Tags)


This video package includes nine (9) videos- two (2) "About Us", one (1) "Real Estate", and five (5) Process/Procedure videos, one (1) Facebook header video or waiting room video, plus four (4) custom tags to add to the process videos for referring doctors offices.

  • 2 About Us videos

    • overview video about the team, the clinic, the doctors, etc.

    • square (Facebook/Instagram) and widescreen (website) versions

  • 1 Real Estate video

    • virtual tour of the office and building

  • 5 Process/Procedure videos

    • walk patients through the process of a visit or a procedure

  • 1 Facebook Header OR Waiting Room Video

    • b-roll of office or a compilation of about us and procedure videos

  • 4 Custom Tags

    • add a custom intro/ending to each process video for patients of referring doctors

Includes:closed caption/subtitles, royalty-free music, any graphics, and two rounds of complementary edits.

Video Styles Explained



Additional "About Us" or Process/Procedure Videos

Add on additional videos to be edited.

Additional Formats

Every video delivered above will be in widescreen (16:9) video format. Social Snacks can edit every video to also include a square (1:1) version for Facebook or Instagram.

Digital Video Library

Social Snacks will build a digital video library to house all of your videos on



Social Snacks is in the business of efficiently making high-quality, affordable videos with a strategy that delivers engaging, watchable content. None of this is by accident.
We are passionate about people’s passions. We love capturing the magical spirit you nurture within your brand and shape it into content people actually want to watch.  Basically, we turn your challenges, mission and goals into consumable content.

First things first - the strategy!
The pre-production meeting lays the groundwork for what is needed and where it is needed. From this meeting, the Snack Team develops a video strategy that goes beyond the production itself to the execution of that video plan for your company.

  • Pre-production

    • Includes kickoff call/meeting, a production plan, scheduling interviews & locations, prop/set coordination, project management

Lights! Camera! Action!
The Snack Team’s signature is efficiency.  It is about mining every piece of footage for content, storylines, and visuals.

  • Production

    • 2-3 Camera Operators/Lighting/Set Producer

    • Makeup Artist (optional add-on)

    • Shoot includes 1 day with 2-3 interviews

Finally, we start the digging! Our team works with your team through two rounds of feedback and once completed the edited digital files are delivered with a plan for posting the video content across all of your digital platforms.

  • Editing

    • Logging interviews, crafting scripts, editing, royalty-free music, any additional royalty-free imagery and graphics, closed captioning.

    • Wide-screen (traditional video format for YouTube and web) and square-screen (good for Instagram and Facebook) versions are delivered.

    • Two rounds of revisions are included. Any additional rounds of edits are billed at $125/each.


The standard operating procedure at Social Snacks is to use best practices when working on digital and social platforms. We believe getting the most from any plan is a team effort that demands a timely execution and a well-communicated strategy, but also requires the Snack Team be nimble and adaptable to ride current trends.

Social Snacks always:

  • Uses SEO Optimized social posts, file tagging and video descriptions

  • Always produces high-quality content

  • Uses tagging, labeling, metadata, and links to amplify content 

  • Uses the correct formats on the correct platforms for social optimization

  • Communicates content scheduling and deliverables with all of the teams in weekly status updates

  • Makes sure all video content is closed captioned, preferably embedded closed captioning

  • Uses an online edit review system for video content to create an easy, shareable and seamless process

  • Videos are delivered in a virtual video library making it easy to see and download

Social Snacks strives to be receptive and responsive to both outside partner teams’ and internal teams’ ideas and thoughts while always offering advice and guidance of the latest digital trends.