It’s easy to get lost in Facebook, and even easier for your content to get lost. In fact, only 2% of the people that like your page will end up seeing your posts on your feed. So in a world where people spend an average of 35 minutes a day checking their Facebook feed (source), how can you make sure that they’re spending at least one of those minutes on your content

Here are a few tips we’ve found to help you feed those Facebook monsters!


Target Your Audience

Like we said, only 2% of the people that like your page will see your posts. That number describes organic views, but there are always ways to help those posts out! You have the option to choose a custom audience for your business’s posts, so upload your email list! That way, anyone who is subscribed to your email list will be seeing your posts, which is likely much more than 2% of the number of people liking your page!

Join a Group!

Facebook groups are an AMAZING way to expand your audience! There are groups for just about whatever topic you could think of, and also tons of groups for small businesses, or people looking to start businesses! The key here is to try and be at least a little active within the group, and to not just outwardly plug yourself. People are much more receptive to posts by active participants in a group!


Up Your Video Content

I know, I know. If you’ve read our previous blog posts, you’ve seen this a million times. But video is just that good at getting people to see your posts. And even more importantly, video is a huge tool to increase engagement. Video posts generate 1200% more shares than text and image posts COMBINED. (Source) So it may be something that we keep saying, but it also might be something to listen to. 

Make Facebook Business Your Best Friend

Facebook Business is a very under-tapped resource in the Facebook realm. Facebook Business ( should be your best friend when it comes to feeding your Facebook monsters. This part of the website basically spells out how to effectively run your company’s page. They offer tons of tips, hacks, and pointers to grow your page and produce quality content. Bookmark it, because you should start visiting often!

Of course the Facebook Monsters are a very wild and hungry breed, not easily fed, but we hope that these will at least help you start fortifying those needs!

Kayla Flam