Documentary Style Campaign

Engage your audience with different seasonal or topic based campaigns separate from your normal content plan. Cluster several videos and interviews around a holiday (Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day) a season (Back To School, Graduation, Summer) or a topic (Parenting, Illness, Pets). These are perfect for brand sponsorships.

The #MyLoveBeatsCancer campaign aimed to spread awareness about a little known cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer, the breast cancer without a lump. 13 women shared their IBC story and urged women to not ignore the symptoms of this rare but highly aggressive cancer. The goal was to publish a story a day leading up to Valentine's Day, and then have people share one of the 13 stories on Valentine's Day as a way to show their love for their friends and family- because if you love someone enough, you want to help save their life. The campaign not only increased Erase IBC's Facebook page followers, it also increased the reach their content was getting exponentially. Check out the whole campaign here.