The key ingredient to a successful video strategy is having videos... lots of videos.

It sounds simple, but really it is about having a consistent flow of engaging video content in many styles and many versions to feed all of your many different digital platforms.

In order to see significant results and discover what drives your digital audience, Social Snacks recommends creating 3-6 months worth of video content to help fill social feeds, newsletters, emails, and blogs while also meeting the SEO demands on your website, servicing the needs of both direct marketing and e-commerce spaces.


Social Snacks is in the business of efficiently making high-quality, affordable videos with a strategy that delivers engaging, watchable content. None of this is by accident.

We passionate about people’s passions. We love capturing the magical spirit you nurture within your brand and shape it into content people actually want to watch.  Basically, we turn your challenges, mission and goals into consumable content.

First things first - the strategy!

The pre-production meeting lays the groundwork for what is needed and where it is needed. From this meeting, the Snack Team develops a video strategy that goes beyond the production itself to the execution of that video plan for your company.


  • Includes kickoff call/meeting, a production plan, scheduling interviews & locations, casting, prop/set coordination, project management

Lights! Camera! Action!

The Snack Team’s signature is efficiency.  It is about mining every piece of footage for content, storylines, and visuals.



Finally, we start the digging! Our team works with your team through two rounds of feedback and once completed the edited digital files are delivered with a plan for posting the video content across all of your digital platforms.

  • Editing:

    • Logging interviews, crafting scripts, editing, royalty-free music, any additional royalty-free imagery and graphics, closed captioning.

    • We can deliver Wide-screen (traditional video format for YouTube and web) and square-screen (good for Instagram and Facebook) versions 

    • Two rounds of revisions are included. Any additional rounds of edits are billed at $125/each.


Learn more about the different styles of videos we do and see examples: