Donuts Make The World Go Round: 5 Pack of GIFs

Donuts Make The World Go Round: 5 Pack of GIFs


Dare we say we're feeling like a snack? We think you will too with our variety of Donut Flatlay GIFS, perfect for your food, fitness or lifestyle brand. Be warned, these adorable, exclusive GIFS may leave your audience hungry for more.

You’ll receive a direct download of the GIF file(s) you select.

GIFS available on this page (in order as shown in above video):

Donut Bite and Spin: A longer GIF with a hungry hand that reaches into the frame to snag a bite! Customize your GIF by placing your logo in the space left by the donut, then try to curb your hunger pains while the donut returns for a final spin.

Donut Spins: Just a fast little spinning donut, eager to feed a hungry viewer.

Fast Moving Donuts: These gingerly donuts dance around the frame at a quick pace. Is your stomach rumbling yet?

Medium Moving Donuts: A slightly slower pace for these donuts as they move about the page.

Slow Moving Donuts: Taking a leisurely pace is easy for these jumping donuts. Mmmmm donuts...

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