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In Monster Video School you learn how to create a video content strategy before you press record, the class gives you a plan so you are prepared once you start filming and then shows you what to do with the videos after you hit stop.

You learn how to pick the right equipment on any budget, how to look good on camera and all the things you can do with your videos that go way beyond just posting on your social networks.  


HANDS-ON CLASS (4 hours):

  • When & How To Use Video

  • How To Set Up A Budget Studio for $50, $500, $1000 & $1500

  • Tips & Tricks, the Do's & Don'ts for Using Video On Social Media And Digital Platforms

  • Create a Video Strategy with content creation ideas

  • "How To" tips for hair, makeup and backdrops

  • A Before/During/After action plan for going LIVE!

  • Hands-on practice session with lights, mics, and cameras


We don’t have any classes currently! Check back later for more dates.



You know you need video in your marketing plan. It doesn't matter if you are a giant corporation, mom & pop shop or a solopeneur - no video means you are missing out on potential customers!

You just need to know how to change your mindset to unlock your own mad video skills! 

So join us at a Monster Video School where we take the mystery out of making videos! 

Monster Video School Header
If you want to have a great experience this is it. Social Snacks Monster Video helps you overcome your fear, makes you look good AND, inspires you to voice your message in a clear way. And they are fun to work with!
— Andrea Henning | Tiara International Managing Partner
It’s hard to limit it down to one thing! There are so many things that I learned with all of the takeaways - some of it is the simple gear I can pick up and the easy things I can do to improve the quality of my videos. What was really helpful is how I can record one longer video and put it on two social platforms
— Beth Lambert | Entrepreneur
I recommend Social Snacks just out of supporting women who are in business. They really take who you are as a person and translate that onto camera”
— Maggie O'Keefe | Candidate for 40th Ward Alderman